Slate SW

Slate SW

The versatile and accessible surf foil
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Size guide

Slate SW 4'0 4'2 4'4 4'6
Volume (l) 30 35 40 45
-60kg X
60/75kg X X
75/85kg X X
85/100kg X X
Slate V2 4'0 4'2 4'4 4'6
Day bag 4'6 4'6 4'6 4'6
Travel bag 5'0 5'0 5'0 5'0

Nouveau boîtier US en carbone moulé

Les Glide V3 sont équipées de notre nouveau boîtier US en carbone moulé, développé en interne par Takoon. Grâce à leur rigidité incomparable, ces nouveaux boitiers apportent une connexion au foil inégalée, une parfaite transmission des efforts et un feeling sans pareil.

Nos nouveaux box de foil sont fabriquées en carbone préimprégné, polymérisé à haute pression et haute température dans un moule en acier. Ce processus permet d’obtenir un boîtier avec des fibres longues de carbone bien compactés, ce qui le rend tout simplement indestructible et ultra rigide.

Grâce à cette construction, si l’on compare nos boitiers carbone aux boitiers classiques comme les Futures, le gain de rigidité et de robustesse est considérable. En effet, généralement fabriqués en plastique injecté chargé avec de la fibre de verre en fibres courtes, les boitiers classiques peuvent présenter de la déformation à l’effort. Sur l’eau, cela se ressent sous forme d’un temps de latence dans la réactivité du foil, que ce soit pour le pumping, pour carver, ou pour les manœuvres. Avec nos nouveaux boîtiers carbone, la transmission des efforts est instantanée et la connexion est ultra rigide.

Plus longs, ces nouveaux boitiers donnent beaucoup plus de liberté de placement de votre foil. Ils viennent en 2 tailles: 33 cm et 38 cm en fonction de la taille de la planche. Ils sont ainsi plus longs de 6 cm et 11 cm que les boîtiers futurs. Ainsi, vous pourrez affiner vos réglages, afin de trouver la position personnelle qui vous convient le plus.

Ils bénéficient aussi d’une double ouverture par rails pour un montage plus rapide : plus besoin de démonter entièrement vos boulons de la platine, il suffit simplement de desserrer les vis, de faire glisser le foil dans les ouvertures et de resserrer les vis et hop, le tour est joué.


Are you in search of a versatile surf foil board for all conditions? The Slate SW is the board for you!

The Slate SW (Short & Wide) is a compact surf foil board designed for ultimate versatility. Inspired by our new Slate V2, the Slate SW introduces a new dimension to our foil surfboard range. With more volume compared to the V2 at the same length, the Slate SW offers enhanced versatility and accessibility while maintaining its compact shape.

Perfect for soft wave conditions, the Slate SW ensures easy take-offs even in foam-filled waves. Its smooth glide provides a comfortable start and ultra-efficient pumping, allowing you to catch as many waves as possible.

The Slate SW comes equipped with a brand new molded carbon US box, developed by Takoon. Stiffer, longer, and featuring dual entries, this innovation sets a new standard in the foil industry!

Originally developed for surf foiling, you can also use the Slate SW for pump foiling, kite foiling, and even wing foiling for advanced riders. With its versatility, the Slate is the ideal board for intermediate to advanced level riders who want to hit the water every day, regardless of the conditions.

Say goodbye to water infiltrations with the Slate SW's durable construction, featuring a hydrophobic foam core and carbon build. These materials ensure longevity and repairability, guaranteeing that your Slate SW will support your progress and stand the test of time!

On the Slate SW, we also offer unique customization options in the serial board industry, including custom colors and dual-color boards with visible carbon.

The Slate SW is proudly "made in Europe," and we are proud to produce all our rigid boards in Portugal, in Peniche. Our local production, in close proximity to our engineers and shaper, allows us to be highly efficient in R&D. This enables us to quickly design, produce, and test our boards. We have chosen to invest almost exclusively in innovation and quality, which explains our direct sales system: we control all our costs, and you benefit from very competitive prices.

Largest manufacturer of wing foil boards in Europe.

In order to produce extraordinary boards, we have set up our own manufacturing plant in Portugal. We are proud to be the biggest manufacturer in Europe and to offer our boards at attractive prices thanks to our direct sales model.

User guide

Slate SW 4'0 4'2 4'4 4'6
Length (cm / foot) 122 / 4'0 127 / 4'2 132 / 4'4 137.5 / 4'6
Width (cm / inch) 48.3 / 19" 49.5 / 19,5" 52.8 / 20.8" 55.9 / 22"
Thickness (cm / inch) 7.1 / 2.8" 7.8 / 3.1" 8.2 / 3.2" 8.4 / 3.3"
Volume (l) 30 35 40 45

The Slate SW is the board that will make surf foiling accessible to you! Aimed at intermediate to advanced riders, the Slate SW will excel in soft wave conditions. Less radical than the V2, the Slate SW offers more volume for the same length, and therefore gains in versatility: you can therefore also use the Slate SW in pumpfoil, kitefoil and even in wingfoil for advanced level riders. The Slate SW is the ideal board for riders looking for a surf foil that will allow them to be in the water every day, whatever the conditions.

Slate SW 4'0 4'2 4'4 4'6
Volume (l) 30 35 40 45
-60kg X
60/75kg X X
75/85kg X X
85/100kg X X
Slate V2 4'0 4'2 4'4 4'6
Day bag 4'6 4'6 4'6 4'6
Travel bag 5'0 5'0 5'0 5'0

Available in 5 sizes from 4'0 - 30L to 4'8 - 50L, you can choose the Slate SW adapted to your size, your practice and the conditions on your spot. If you hesitate between two sizes, think about your practices but also your level. The more comfortable you are, the more you will be able to orient yourself on a smaller board. Likewise, if you only use your Slate SW in surf foil or pumpfoil, you can also stay on small volumes. But if you are not sure yet, or if you also want to use the Slate SW as a wingfoil, then choose a slightly larger board.

Technical specs


Full carbon

Made in

Portugal 🇵🇹





The shape of the Slate SW was inspired by small wave surfboards to optimize your paddling and make your surfing easier. Its outline is ultra-compact, with a wide diamond tail to plan immediately and to keep control of your Slate SW in choppy and foamy conditions, without losing speed in the event of a touchdown.

The beveled rails of the Slate SW will allow you to engage your curves even more, while providing you with excellent rebound on the bumps and optimal grip. With its rocker totally designed for prone foiling, the Slate SW offers efficient and comfortable paddling. Its nose is round but not excessive, which is the perfect compromise between paddling comfort and bulk in flight. Its very elaborate hull also boosts the flow of water flows.

We were able to obtain this ideal shape for the Slate SW thanks to our high quality full carbon construction, which brings unparalleled rigidity and durability on the market. The magic happens in our own factory in Portugal, thanks to our vacuum infusion carbon technology.

Concerned about the protection of the environment, we select our raw materials with care. We take into account the proximity and sourcing of our suppliers, while favoring state-of-the-art quality.

Our Slate SW is made with our vacuum infusion technique in our factory in Portugal, in Peniche, the center of surf culture in Europe. At Takoon, we have constantly questioned our production methods to produce ever more durable boards, respecting our environment as much as possible. We are proud to contribute to the local economy and to make long-term commitments to make our industry more eco-responsible.

No more decompression valves, no more infiltrations: our Slate V2 is built around a foam block of our own Takoon design. We developed this hydrophobic foam in order to obtain unequaled mechanical properties and a compression rate that we could not find elsewhere on the market. The heart of our boards is then made of this resistant, flexible foam that does not drink water: in short, a durable and repairable board!

In order to obtain an optimal resin/fiber ratio and to provide our boards with flawless solidity and responsiveness, our Slate V2 is completely covered in full carbon produced by vacuum infusion. At Takoon, we have decided to use this infusion technique, which is perfectly suited for high-end products, for the sake of performance and quality.

Used by the aerospace, aeronautical and even high-tech automotive industries, vacuum carbon infusion is the future of the evolution of our industry. In summary, this technique consists of bagging the piece, bread with foam and fibers, then evacuating the air from this bag in order to create a vacuum and apply strong pressure to the board to ensure perfect bonding of the layers. Then tubes feed the resin into the bag, which is sucked through the carbon fiber and infused. Any excess resin is immediately sucked up by the vacuum pump and the process can then be stopped.

The result ? A reduction in excess resin of approximately 60% compared to hand lamination. In the process there is no waste of resin, a completely predictable amount is used for each board. There are no brushes, no rollers, no splatters. Compared to the familiar mess of open layer construction, vacuum resin infusion is like a day at the beach.

This vacuum infusion technique has many advantages over open lamination techniques: we obtain a better fibre/resin ratio, the quantity of resin used is reduced thanks to the fabric pre-compacted under vacuum, the operator is less exposed to harmful emissions and benefits from a cleaner working environment and of course the combination results in stronger and lighter boards.

Indeed, who says optimal fiber / resin ratio, says that there is no superfluity, so you have a lighter board compared to boards of more traditional constructions, especially since at Takoon, we also have made other optimizations on the weight of our boards through the choice of materials and accessories.

This full carbon vacuum infusion construction also boosts the performance of the Slate SW. Indeed, thanks to its weight gain and rigidity, you get a lively, reactive board that responds precisely to your support. It is also a durable construction that will withstand the vagaries of board life and will be perfectly repairable. With good maintenance, you will keep it (a very) long time

Slate SW working mam image


The raw materials and equipment of the Slate SW, from carbon fiber to the pad, are selected for their quality, but also for the proximity and sourcing of our suppliers.

Manufacturing technique

The Slate SW is a full carbon vacuum infusion board. This technique allows us to obtain the best fiber/resin ratio and gives us an ultra-stiff, light and durable board.

Made in Europe

We are proud to produce all of our hardboards in Portugal, Peniche.

Our local production, close to mythical surf spots, allows us to be extremely efficient in R&D . We can thus very quickly design, produce and test our boards.


Your Slate SW board comes equipped with the best accessories to make it easier to use and improve your sailing comfort.

Our new EVA pads, developed by Takoon will always offer you more grip and comfort underfoot or during take-off phases, while promising better water evacuation. 3.5mm thick, they also protect the board from shocks and give the Slate SW a new stylish look.

Your Slate SW will be delivered to you in an eco-responsible and 100% recyclable Hexiflex protective sock, extremely resistant to compression, which you can reuse to protect your board during your next surf trips


Our material can be shipped worldwide.

Shortly after placing an order, you will receive an email confirming that your order has been received and is being processed. Once your order has shipped, you will receive a track and trace number via email.

The cost of shipping the material depends on your location. You can see the total shipping cost of your order at checkout.

You can track the progress of your order at the following link: https://takoon.com/pages/Tracking

We work with international shipping partners to get your order to you as quickly as possible, but delivery times vary depending on where you are ordering from

Business model

X-Glide V2 foil – Takoon

Direct sale

At Takoon, we offer high-quality products at an affordable price through our direct sales system, available online or at our store in Tarifa. We aim to be close to our customers, providing them with the utmost satisfaction through personalized customer service and after-sales support. We value their feedback, which helps us in the development of our future products.