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We are proud to produce all of our rigid boards in our factory in Peniche, Portugal. Thanks to our expertise in vacuum infusion, we offer 100% carbon boards, designed entirely by Takoon, from the design office to production and shipping. We are very close to our suppliers and exclusively use European raw materials, except for the Future foil boxes, which bring a Californian touch to our boards.

Our local production, as close to our engineers and shapers as to world-renowned surf spots, allows us to be highly efficient in R&D. This allows us to design, produce and test quickly. We have chosen to invest mainly in the innovation and quality of our boards, hence our direct sales system, which allows us to control all of our costs and offer very competitive prices.

We are constantly looking to improve the performance of our products while reducing our impact on the environment through short circuits. Thus, we can offer better quality boards with a limited environmental impact.

Our factory has several departments: Shape, Lamination, Coating, Sanding, Finishing & Packaging. Each department specialises in a production stage and comprises passionate and rigorous experts who work with care to offer the highest quality products.

Factory – Takoon


First, the foam goes through the Shaping steps. This stage involves shaping the board using CNC machines and hand tools.

Precision is essential to ensure a perfect shape. After the shape, the board is ready for infusion.


After the shape, it's time for another crucial step in manufacturing the board: the infusion.


After the infusion, a resin layer is applied by hand to protect the carbon fibre from outside exposure. This step is essential to prolong the life of the board and make the surface smooth.


Once the resin is dry, the board is sanded to remove any excess material and to give a perfect finish.


Finally, in the last finishing step, the serial numbers are entered by hand, the logos and varnish are carefully applied, the pads are positioned and the strap inserts are prepared.

Final checks are carried out to ensure the board is ready to ship in the best condition.

Factory Peniche - Portugal 🇵🇹 - Manufacturing technique


A final cleaning, then the board is wrapped in an eco-responsible and 100% recyclable Hexiflex protective sock, extremely resistant to compression, which you can reuse to protect your board during your next trips.

Takoon Team member


Takoon is a team of 20 people. We're not very old, not very young either, and we're pretty cool. We are based in Peniche in Portugal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Takoon factory?

The Takoon factory is located in the city of Peniche in Portugal.

How are the boards made?

All our boards benefit from TK Infused Technology.

This vacuum technique allows us to optimize the epoxy resin / carbon fiber ratio.

Is the foam used hydrophobic?

We have developed TK Foam, an ultra solid and hydrophobic (waterproof) foam providing a strength / weight / stiffness ratio unmatched on the market.

Are the suppliers European?

All our suppliers are European and are part of the world leaders in composite materials.

Where does the carbon used come from?

- The carbon is produced in Italy, one of the most high-end on the market.

What brand are the rails used on the boards.

We use Futures US rails, made in the USA.

Are the boards stiff?

Our full carbon construction brings extreme rigidity to the boards which gives your foil unparalleled responsiveness and support precision on the market.