Welcome to our first store in the windy capital of Europe.

Tarifa is located at the southernmost tip of Europe and is renowned as a mecca for wing foilers and kite surfers with 100% wind almost guaranteed.

Our entire range of wing foil and kite surf is available for sale in our store. We also offer the possibility of renting our range of wing foils and testing the equipment.

If you want to avoid traveling with equipment. If you are learning and don't have your own wing foil equipment yet. If you are in Tarifa and your kite size does not match the wind conditions. Do not stay without riding and take advantage of our rental service!

Prix location matériel

1 hr 3 hrs 5 hrs 1 jour 3 jours 5 jours
Wing + Board + Foil €45 €60 €75 €90 €240 €390
Wing - - - €60 €165 €250
Planche + Foil - - - €60 €165 €250

Tarifa – Takoon

How does the rental work?

The material is chosen in store and you can change it for another material if the wind conditions change.

The rental form is completed in store. The original passport or identity document is requested as a deposit and is kept in the store for the duration of the rental. We can provide you with information on equipment and the best spots depending on the conditions.

Equipment available for hire.

Our entire range of wing foil is available for rental. We have all kite sizes ranging from 2.5 to 7 meters. We also have a full range of foils and boards. Our rental equipment is meticulously inspected and maintained, before and after each rental.

All our equipment is renewed each season, so you will never sail in equipment that is more than 12 months old.

Tarifa – Takoon

Spots and Conditions

In Tarifa there are two main wind directions, the Poniente in autumn and spring (side-onshore from the right) and the Levante in summer (side-offshore from the left).

With the Poniente, the conditions tend to blow between 15 and 25 knots, the wind is almost guaranteed.

Tarifa Magasin - Locations

Where to find us ?

Takoon Tarifa

Calle Mar Adriatic N 22.

11380 Tarifa Cadiz


What is the best time of year to ride in Tarifa?

Tarifa offers good conditions all year round but from March to November the weather is more pleasant.

Where can we check the wind conditions?

It is difficult to read the forecast because the microclimate of the region affects the standard charts. We can give you our opinion before you go sailing.

Is it possible to rent equipment and choose your spot?

Yes, you can ride everywhere where allowed. Our team can recommend the best spots depending on the wind conditions.

Spots and Conditions

Tarifa is located in the far south of the European continent, where the Strait of Gibraltar and the African coast almost touch. Due to the strait, the winds have additional strength and acceleration. Tarifa is undoubtedly one of the best spots in Europe with an almost 100% wind guarantee.

There are two main wind directions, the Poniente in autumn and spring and the Levante in summer. With the Poniente, conditions tend to blow between 15 and 25 knots, the wind is almost guaranteed.

Is it necessary to reserve the equipment in advance?

Booking will ensure that you have the material available for the chosen period.