• Age 19
  • Height 1m78
  • Home Town Six-Fours
  • Current City Six-Fours


Noa Légier at 18, he lives in six-fours on the brusc spot. He is a student in engineering school at the EPF Montpellier and passionate about surfing and windsurfing since a young age. He started the Wing in the spring of 2020 at the end of confinement, which allowed him to practice in conditions that were too light for windsurfing and too strong for surfing or surf foiling.

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  • Age 22
  • Height 1m76
  • Home Town Saint Paul, Reunion
  • Current City Tahiti


Noé Cantaloube is 22 years old and lives in Reunion near Saint Paul. He studied shipbuilding, which allowed him to take an interest in foiling and to start wing/surf foiling in 2021.

Coming from surfing, his favorite program is waves, surf foil and wing foil.

His best setup is with an HS-Glide 700/S370 foil, whether surf foil or wing foil.

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  • Age 27
  • Height 1m80
  • Home Town Saint Malo
  • Current City Saint Malo
  • Achievements Jump 28m high


Holder of a jump over 25 m high, Laurent Vit is a specialist in Big Air and Megaloops.

Former high-level cyclist, Laurent VIT turned to Kitesurfing at the age of 18. Fascinated by storms, his idol and kite model is Ruben Lenten.

Now he chases the wind in search of storms. His preferred wind conditions are between 40 and 55 knots to fly very high.

His favorite equipment, the 9m Furia V2 up to 45 knots and the Furia V2 8m above. For the boards he sails with the Spider 136x42.

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