• Rider Matisse Juteau
  • Location Peniche
  • Country Portugal
  • Sport wingfoil
  • Story TK foam

We are proud to have our own factory in Europe in Portugal for 1 year now. We were building boards with the most advanced materials and manufacturing methods on the market.

Thanks to the innovation and commitment of our team, we are able to offer high quality boards that are extremely rigid and designed to last.

Foam is at the heart of our boards, we needed quality that stood out to get the most out of our infusion technology.

After a thorough analysis of the foams available in the market, most of the foams were not strong enough. We wanted a resistant, hydrophobic and above all durable foam.

The TK Foam associated with our manufacturing technique allows us to obtain a strength, weight and rigidity ratio without equal on the market.

The Takoon team

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