In the Takoon spirit, we attach as much importance to the sporting aspect of kitesurfing as to sharing new experiences with people as passionate as us. Emely Freja, Takoon ambassador, shares this vision and takes us with her to the Girl-only camp that she organizes every summer in Denmark.

Hello Emely, can you tell us more about the Girl-only Kite Camp that you organized on June 15 and 16?

Of course with pleasure. I organized the 4th edition of KiteWeeQ, a two-day event for women from all walks of life who want to share their love and interest in kitesurfing and the ocean, with the common goal of practicing and improving. in complete safety in an environment favorable to the discovery of other activities.

How did KiteWeeqQ start?

I organized the first camp in 2017 with a good friend. We had traveled and kited together for several years and were the only girls in our group of friends. The moments we shared together were really fantastic and very different from when we were kiting with the boys. So we decided to do something to bring the girls of the community together and it was a huge success!

Where is the camp?

The camp takes place in one of the best kitesurfing spots in Denmark, in Lynæs, located in the northern part of Zealand. We organize the camp there with a local kitesurfing school in a magical place and in an incredible atmosphere. It is a place to discover for anyone passing through Denmark.

What do you offer during the camp apart from kitesurfing?

You can sail from this spot with different directions and conditions but in the absence of wind, there are many interesting things to do there such as wakeboarding towed by a boat, paddle, kayaking, relaxation or outdoor wellness sessions. I am a certified yoga teacher. So, either in the morning or in the afternoon, I teach a course dedicated to beneficial poses for kitesurfers.

We also offer discussion sessions on the different freestyle maneuvers, the trips we have made or the equipment. We take the time for everyone to ask their questions.

I am also very proud of the meals that are served during the camp. Everything is organic and vegetarian, specially prepared for us by our chef.

Who can participate?

As long as you are a girl or a woman you can participate. The camp is dedicated not only to beginners but also to more experienced riders. The level of the camp is quite mixed, we do everything, whether it's flying a wing for the first time, going upwind like sailing toe-side or even making your first jump or learning to unhook .

When is the next camp?

This year I have already organized two camps, a first in May and a second in June. The next camps will take place in August and September. I love these camps because I deeply enjoy sharing my different passions and inspiring other women both on the water and on the yoga mat. I haven't planned any international camps yet, but I'm thinking about it! I hope to organize some in the near future!

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